Our Theological Studies program is based on a systematic theology of the Bible through the lens of this eight subjects:

  • Bibliology – Intro to the Bible
  • Theology – Intro to Biblical Theology
  • Anthropology – The Study of Humanity
  • Christology – The Study of Christ
  • Soteriology – The Study of Salvation
  • Pneumatology – The Study of the Holy Spirit
  • Ecclesiology – The Study of the Church
  • Eschatology – The Study of the End Times

Our Theological Studies program offers both a BA in Systematic Theology and a MA in Theological Studies.

    In addition to these main classes we also offer these Elective Classes that serve as supplemental course work for both the BA and MA programs:

    • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
    • Introduction to Biblical Greek
    • Hermeneutics
    • Homiletics
    • Pastoral Leadership
    • Discipleship
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Relational Leadership



    Our Leadership Internship is a one-year program designed to equip a believer for Spiritual Leadership at NOLA Church. This course is comprised of two cohorts, and establishes a strong Leadership foundation in these four key areas:

    • Character
    • Calling
    • Capacity
    • Church

    Students who complete this course receive 6 credit hours toward a Christian Leadership diploma.


    Our Ministry Training program provides hands-on training in the following aspects of ministry:

    • Creative – Creating environments where ministry can happen
      • Design (graphic design, stage design, construction)
      • Production (audio & video production)
      • Worship (instrumentation & vocal development)
    • Prayer – Spiritual development for one-on-one and congregation al prayer ministry
      • Prayer Room (on-going prayer ministry)
      • Altar Ministry (ministering to people through prayer during Worship Experiences)
      • Visitation (mistering to people in hospitals, as well as shut-ins)
    • Discovery – Understanding the Vision, and developing the Path and Process for ministry
      • Next Steps (connecting people to the Vision)
      • Coaching (walking alongside people as they engage in the Vision)
    • Community – Connecting people with Jesus and His Body, the local church
      • The Living Room (ministry to people attending Worship Experiences)
      • Small Groups (connecting people with the NOLA Fam)
      • Discipleship (ministering to people through intentional strategic relationships)
    • Mission – Living On-Mission in our House, our Field, and our World
      • The Team (living On-Mission in the House)
      • Global (living short- or long-term On-Mission in one of our Global locations)

    Our Ministry Training program is a free one-year program provided by NOLA Church, with direct placement in ministry upon completion of the program.

          Term Schedule

          2024-2025 Term

          Fall 2024 Semester

          AUG 26 – DEC 13

          Spring 2025 Semester

          JAN 27 – MAY 9


          [JULY 15]


          [JULY 15]